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Apri la mente

La mente è come un paracadute.

Funziona solo se si apre...

L'aforisma è attribuito spesso ad Albert Einstein e talvolta a Frank Zappa.
Pare invece sia di Thomas Dewar.

What does the quote mean?
Minds are like parachutes...
An open mind is a mind that is non-judging, open to new thoughts, ways of doing things. That does not see obstacles but opportunities.
Open mind in action
Before you think about the meaning of this quote, you need to be clear of some terms that seem to be quite obvious, but they aren't:
* What is a parachute?
* What is mind?
* What is the difference between a closed and an open parachute
This brings us to the question: What is an open mind?

A parachute is usually a soft fabric device used to slow the motion of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag.
Mind collectively refers to the aspects of intellect and consciousness manifested as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination
An open parachute is obviously "in action" or "used" and function, while a parachute is closed when not in use.
The quote "Minds are like parachutes[...]" means that there can be a functional and disfunctional mind (compared to a closed and open parachute). Thomas Dewar,  author of this quote, states that only an open mind is a mind that is really functioning.
You can make your own sense to what an open mind is.  source

Dewar was the founder of an eponymous "Dewarism" philosophy, he attempted to show that the way to success in life is not through an arduous or painstaking work agenda; success can be attained without compromising joy in life.
This idea being the core of the philosophy, Lord Thomas wrote smaller statements or observations that he accumulated throughout his life. A sample of the thoughts and philosophies of Dewar are found below.
No. 22 Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.
No. 36 Enjoy now, another now is coming.
No. 43 Less pain, more gain.
No. 49 The pause is a part of the walk.
No. 27 Go ahead, look around.
No. 28 You better wait for the unexpected.
No. 34 Making a mistake is also an achievement.
No. 47 Leave for tomorrow what you can't do today.
No. 58 The further you are from a problem, the smaller it gets.
No. 64 If you think you know it all, you are missing something.
No. 73 Proper rules are not written.
No. 77 Sometimes a step forward needs a step back.
No. 86 If you get to the top on your own, who'll take the picture?
No. 14 When a man says his word is as his bond - get his bond.
No. 19 Never invest in a going concern until you know which way it is going.
No. 21 Keep advertising and advertising will keep you.
No. 31 If you do not advertise, you fossilize.
No. 38 Yesterday's success belongs to yesterday.
No. 42 In charity there is no excess.
No. 46 The greatest mistake you can make is to be continually fearing you will make one.
No. 51 Life is a one-way street and you're not coming back.
No. 54 Fish stimulates the brain, but fishing stimulates the imagination.
No. 66 Respectability is the state of never being caught doing anything which gives you pleasure.
No. 68 Of two evils, choose the more interesting.
No. 70 There is no traffic congestion on the straight and narrow path.
No. 79 A philosopher is a man who can look at an empty glass with a smile.
No. 83 Minds are like parachutes: they only function when they're open.
No. 85 Experience is what you get when you're looking for something else.
No. 87 Ability without enthusiasm is like a rifle without a bullet.
No. 92 You can send a boy to college but you can't make him think.
No. 95 If we are here to help others, I often wonder what the others are here for.
No. 97 Don't question your wife's judgment; look who she married.
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carriebranch ha detto...

Buon pomeriggio dottoressa,Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.quanto è vera questa frase.Un bacio

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

yeah Carrieyou're so right!hugs&kisses 

rosac1 ha detto...

sono d'accordo con Te .....Buona serata

Sono solo io ha detto...

La mia frase di oggi credo sia questa, soprattutto dopo questo w.en: Of two evils, choose the more interesting

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

ihih sono solo io...anche io l'avevo adocchiata ;-)))

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

Rosa grazieil fatto che la gente che non apre la cade addosso!!!!

Queneau ha detto...

accidenti... nn capisco 1 parola d' inglese: sono proprio una capra!peccato: mi sa che questo post era interessante!

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

Queneau magari poco a poco lo traduco

Eagle30 ha detto...

The greatest mistake you can make is to be continually fearing you will make one.questa secondo me è fenomenale :-D

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

Eagleognuno trova il forse sono tra la pausa che fa parte del cammino e quello che dice Carrie al commento 1. 

Cembolina ha detto...

io ne ho trovate una cifra, altro che ognuno trova la sua!I love No. 36 Enjoy now, another now is coming.No. 28 You better wait for the unexpected.No. 77 Sometimes a step forward needs a step back.No. 68 Of two evils, choose the more interesting.No. 85 Experience is what you get when you're looking for something else. And last but not least of course No. 97 Don't question your wife's judgment; look who she married. 

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

NOOOOOO cemb la 97 noooooool'avevo lasciata per ridere....

Cembolina ha detto...

la 97 diventerà il mio motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!