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NY time

avrei voluto
sentire un abbraccio dalle tue parole.
ma mi chiedo se tu sia mai stato capace di avvolgermi.
Usata, come carta stampata.

Why I didn't see it coming? I was blind.

You were there in my dream.
I was just starting to walk in it, all by myself.

And I felt intimidated.

NY was too big and I needed an hand in my hand to walk in it.

A dog would have been better.

Our cat gave me more than you did.

I couldn't see it coming.

Shit. Blame on me.

4 commenti :

Maddie ha detto...

He is an asshole.May I say asshole in your blog?

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...


Cembolina ha detto...

a huge asshole.(but you wouldn't be you if you hadn't had also that time in your life. just leave it where it is: in the past)

EnergiaCreativa ha detto...

thanks girls....I wish I could say something else, but I can't in my blog.